Jerry Strong

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Long time Elk Grove resident Jerry Strong passes away at the age of 80

Born Sept. 15, 1936 in Franklin, CA. Passed away peacefully April 9, 2017.

The city of Elk Grove lost a long time resident this morning with the passing of Jerry Strong. The Strong family has a long history in Elk Grove. Long time residents will remember that the Strong family owned Elk Grove Market, before the days of the big chain grocery stores.

Strong’s family settled in the Elk Grove area back in the 1850’s near Franklin and eventually moved farther east to Elk Grove. Jerry married his wife Jeannie in 1958, where they raised 5 children – daughter Jeralynn, and sons Jeff, Jed, Jerret, and Jey. The family has always been very involved in the Elk Grove community.  Jerry and Jeannie were big supporters of Project RIDE, the local organization that provides equine therapy for handicapped children. In addition to owning the Elk Grove market, they also had a catering business for many years. Jerry served as a volunteer fireman for over 20 years with the Elk Grove Fire Department. The housing development along Bond Road, east of Elk Grove- Florin, known as Quail Ranch, was once all part of the Strong farm.  Jerry and Jeannie still lived in their ranch house in the middle of the development. In 2000 Strong Park, on Elk Grove Blvd just east of Waterman was dedicated to Jerry and Jeannie Strong.

Strong is survived by his wife Jeannie, children Jeralyn, Jeff, Jed, Jerret and Jay, grandchildren and great grandchildren.