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Volume 71 Issue # 12 June 2021

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President’s Message UpArrowPurple

This month’s newsletter is coming out a week later than normal to provide you with info from the District Convention.

District 4C5 Convention: As with the past year, the District did not have its regular 3 day convention. They held a two day convention in Sacramento. It was held on June 4 & 5 in Sacramento. The theme was “Masquerade”. Lion Jack Edwards was selected by the District to serve in the coming year as the Zone Chair over the clubs in the south part of the county. Our club received the Community Leadership Award and several members of our club received awards as well.  Lion Taka Blackburn received the Melvin Jones award. Lion Jack received a progressive Melvin Jones from the District and an International Presidents Certificate of Appreciation from the Lions International President, Dr. Jung-Yul Choi. It was presented by International Director Mark S Lyon.

Monthly Update: We were finally able to step back from Zoom Meetings a little bit as we had our May Board meeting, face-to-face with the appropriate spacing between individuals at the Wackford Center on the 17th of May. We also broadcast it on Zoom and had about a half dozen members join the meeting electronically. On the 24th of May, we had a dinner meeting at Wackford and had about 20 members join us for pizza and the meeting. We broadcast it on Zoom but did not see anyone log in for that meeting. 

We are planning on having our June meetings in person along with Zoom, but hopefully from the Albiani Recreational Center.  We are not sure about doing the pancake breakfast yet, but expect to be up and running in July as 1st VP John Muegge steps up as your new president. It will be up to John to decide when we go back to meetings on the 2nd Monday of the month, which have been suspended for the past several months.

The June board meeting will be on the 21st and the Installation Dinner on the 28th.

Elections: Our elections have been completed and Lion John Muegge is our President as of July 1st. Here is his board:
1st VP – Rebecca Muegge
2nd VP – vacant
Secretary – Jack Edwards
Treasurer – Jason Springer
1 Year Director – Don Thompson
1 Year Director – Sharon Mika
2 Year Director – Taka Blackburn
2 Year Director – Marv Neill
Bulletin Editor – Jack Edwards
Tail Twister – Brad Dano
Lion Tamer – Bob Husted
Membership Director – John Zehnder Jr.
Public Relations – Jack Edwards
LCIF Coordinator –  Andy Anderson

Lions International Convention: If you ever wondered what took place at the International Convention, this year you can do it virtually. The convention, to be held in Montreal, is set for June 25-29, 2021. Click here for more info.

Fundraising Efforts: Fundraising: Last month Lion Jack Edwards managed the Big Day of Giving fundraiser on the 6th of May. It looks like we cleared a little over $3,200. Thank you Lion Jack for your hard work.  https://ElkGroveLionsFoundation.org/big-day-of-giving for more info.

In Closing: I continue to be so very proud to be a part of such a great community minded organization, the Elk Grove Lions Club. That brings me to the realization that I will be stepping down at the end of June, so I only have a month left of my second term as your president. Thanks for trusting me to carry on as your president over the crazy Covid-19 year.  I have a board meeting, then the installation meeting for our new president. In July I will have the past president’s dinner.

Join Us UpArrowPurple

Elk Grove Lions Club

P.O. Box 465

Elk Grove, CA. 95759


We are currently doing all of our meetings via Zoom but expect to return to regular meetings in June.

We are not holding a 2nd Monday meeting at this time.

Board Meetings: 3rd Monday @ 6:00PM

Location: Albiani Recreational Center and Online Zoom Meeting

General Meeting: 6:00PM – 4th Monday of the month (except Nov & Dec)

Location: Albiani Recreational Center and Online Zoom Meeting


Application for Membership

Lions are in 200 countries and geographic areas. We have 45,000 clubs with over 1.3 million members world wide. We have a dynamic history. We are best known for fighting blindness — it’s part of our history as well as our work today. But we also volunteer for many different kinds of projects including disaster relief — across many borders. We serve youth. Our community projects often support local children and schools with new programs and resources. Internationally, we offer many programs.

    • We hope you will consider joining our club.
    • To become a Lion, you must be of good moral character and good reputation in our community.
    • Membership is by invitation.
    • If you’re interested in being invited to join Lions Club of Elk Grove, you may want to consider some of the following facts about Lionism:
      • Lions are active.
      • Our motto is “We Serve.”
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Club, District and Zone Highlites:

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Check out the following photos & videos:
No activities and no photos at this time.

Announcements UpArrowPurple

Let’s reach out to our fellow members:

As many of you know, Lion Sterling has been in a care facility since his stroke. He would love to have some visits from his Lion friends. Call ahead to make sure he is not out on a field trip. He is at Emeritus of Laguna Creek, 6727 Laguna Park Drive, EG, CA. 95758 916-683-1881


As usual, we want to send out a special thank you to Dr. John J. Eliopulos, O.D. for all of his support with our efforts to continue to provide support to people with visual impairments. You can find Dr. Eliopulos’ office at 9074 Elk Grove Blvd., Elk Grove, CA 95624.

We also send our thanks out to Dr. Diana Holcomb, O.D. for her support of our mission to support people with visual impairments. You can find Crystal View Optometry at Dr. Diana Holcomb’s office at 8419 Elk Grove-Florin Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624 just south of Calvine Road, next to the Bel Air Market.


Birthdays UpArrowPurple

Happy Birthday to Lions:

Lion Don Thompson & Sterling Kloss



Congratulations on another year of Service to the Lions Club:
Lions Bob Brewer, Charlie Brummer, Dan Pearson, Don Thompson, Marv Neill, Randy Feist

Cooks List UpArrowPurple

No meetings therefore no cooks.

Board Minutes UpArrowPurple

ELK GROVE LIONS CLUB                                     Board Meeting Agenda

May 17, 2021

Call to order:  6:00     p.m.                    1st Vice President: John Muegge

x President: Taka Blackburn x Secretary: Jack Edwards
x 1st VP:  John Muegge x Bulletin Editor: Jack Edwards
x 2nd VP: Rebecca Muegge x Tail Twister: Brad Dano
3rd VP:   Vacant x Treasurer: Jeylon Strong
x Lion Tamer: Bob Husted x 2-Year Director: Don Thompson
x 1-Year Director: Warren Weaver 2-Year Director: Sharon Mika
x 1-Year Director: Jack Edwards A Membership Director: John Zehnder Jr.
x Immediate Past Pres: Brad Dano (18/19) x Public Relations: Jack Edwards
x LCIF: Andy Anderson
Lion Lion
Lion Lion


Secretary Report (Stag) by Lion Jack: Minutes for April 2021 submitted to Lion Jack and all activities recorded in the Lions International

Motion to approve Board Minutes for April 2021 by Lion Andy and Seconded by Lion Brad

Treasurer Report by Lion Treasurer Jeylon Strong:
Administrative: …..      $ 2,645.90
Project: ………………     $ 33,239.79
Scouts: ……………    $ 3,000.99
Equipment: ………..     $ 6,243.36
FFA: …………….…..   $ 5,174.04
Combined Amount:     $ 47,657.19

Total ……………….    $ 50,303.09

Election Results: Our elections have been completed and Lion John Muegge is our President as of July 1st. Here is his board:
1st VP – Rebecca Muegge
2nd VP – vacant
Secretary – Jack A Edwards
Treasurer – Jason Springer
1 Year Director – Don Thompson
1 Year Director – Sharon Mika
2 Year Director – Taka Blackburn
2 Year Director – Marv Neill
Bulletin Editor – Jack Edwards
Tail Twister – Brad Dano
Lion Tamer – Bob Husted
Membership Director – John Zehnder Jr.
Public Relations – Jack Edwards
LCIF Coordinator –  Andy Anderson

Correspondence:Dozens of letters to the club from FFA & 4-H students were delivered to Lion Jey.

 Committee Updates:

Eyesight:  Marv- online with no activity to report
Assets/Equipment:        Lion Don, no change
Membership:                  Lion John, Vacation, no report

Adjourn Club Meeting & Open Foundation Meeting Elk Grove Lions Foundation     6.03 p.m.

Old Business / Status Checks / Chairperson’s Report

Big Day of Giving Report from Lion Jack Edwards. We brought in $3289.30 to the club.

New Business:

  • LCIF Sutter Zone update – Lion Andy – nothing to report
  • Lion Andy is looking to step down as COR of Pack 179 and Troop 59… Lion Shipley to take over
  • Sheldon High School’s Senior Lunch, Monday, May 24, 2021 – Lion Warren
    Menu of Hot Dogs, Chip, and Water.
    Lion Warren is looking for volunteers to be on campus at SHS by 9 a.m.
    If you haven’t done so already per Lion Jack’s email, Lion Warren is CC’d on this email.
    PLEASE contact him directly. Bob S, Taka, Tom A, Jack to assist.
  • JLA Buyers/Students Breakfast is cancelled.
  • New Officers and the New President (Lion John M.) for the 2021 / 2022 Lions Club Year
    President John Muegge, 1st VP Rebecca Muegge, 2nd VP Taka Blackburn(placeholder- still looking for a 2nd VP, Secretary, Bulletin Editor and Public Relations — Jack Edwards, Treasurer, Jason Springer, Membership John Zehnder Jr, LCIF Coordinator — Andy Anderson, 1 year directors – Don Thompson & Sharon Mika, 2 year directors –Taka Blackburn & Marv Neill, Tail Twister – Brad Dano, Lion Tamer – Bob Husted, Immediate past president Taka Blackburn.
  • Expense for Registration for District 4-C5 Convention for June 4 and 5, 2021 – Lion Taka requested that registration be covered by the club for Taka, Jack, John & Rebecca in the amount of $120 each. This discussion brought up concerns about the amount of funds in the Admin account and we discussed a dues increase to $125 to be brought to the general membership on the 24th then brought back to the board for a vote on the 21st. of June
  • Memorial for the Late Lion Chuck Woodson Passed 3/24/2021) and His Wife Gail (Passed 1/11/2021) will be on Saturday, June 19, 2021 at !0:30 a.m. at Creekside Christian Church
  • Next “Regular” Meeting will be on Monday, May 24, 2021 at Wackford Center.
  • “Pizza” for the next meeting – Lion Jack – Rebecca to bring soft drinks
  • Elk Grove Food Bank Services Run 4 Hunger on July 1st. Lion Jack needs help with parking.

Motion                                             Moved by:                Second      Approval    Chair

Reimburse 5 delegates to attend Dist Conv. Taka Bob Husted Yes
Support Food Bank Run Parking Jack Brad Yes Jack
To purchase pizza for gen meeting on 24th Jack Taka Yes Jack

Upcoming Activities and Approved Projects:

Event                                       Date                                Location                         Chair

Sheldon High School Sr. Lunch Monday 5/24/21 Sheldon High School Lion Warren
EG Run 4 Hunger Parking Sunday 7/4 at 7am District 56 Lion Jack
Community Pancake Breakfast Saturday 7/10/21 Albiani Recreation Center Lion Don/Jim
EGFBS Run 4 Hunger Sunday 7/4/2021 District 56 Lion Jack
Community Campout (may be 1 day event) 8/6/21 – 8/8/21 Rotary Grove at the Park Lion John M.
EGHS Class of 1981 Reunion Sat. 9/25/2021 The Pavilion Lion Bill K.
GREAT Pumpkin Festival Sat/Sun 10/2-3/21 Regional Park Lion John M.
Running of the Elk parking Oct 17th 5:30 am Lion Jack

Good of the Order

Adjournment:        7:04      p.m.


Club Contact Info UpArrowPurple

The organizational structure for our Lions Club is as follows: Lions Clubs International, Multiple District 4, District 4C5, Sacramento Region, Sutter Zone, Elk Grove Lions Club.

This newsletter is produced each month by the Stag Editor, Lion Jack Edwards. He may be reached by email at or by phone at 916-240-9325:

Elk Grove Lions Club P.O. Box 465 Elk Grove, CA 95759

President: Taka Blackburn

Secretary: Jack Edwards

1st VP: Rebecca Muegge

2nd VP: John Muegge

3rd VP:  vacant

Treasurer: Jay Strong

Tail Twister: Brad Dano

Lion Tamer: Bob Husted

2 Year Dir: Sharon Mika

2 Year Dir: Don Thompson

1 Year Dir: Warren Weaver

1 Year Dir: vacant

Membership: John Zehnder, Jr.

Past Pres: Brad Dano

Public Relations: Jack Edwards
Stag Editor: Jack Edwards
LCIF Coordinator: Andy Anderson

Make-up Clubs

Delta Lions Club

2nd Thursdays, 7 am

Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course

8301 Freeport Blvd.


Galt Lions Club

2 & 4 Thursdays

6:00 pm Social

6:30 pm Meeting

Galt Place

400 D Street, Galt

Pride of Laguna

2 & 4 Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

Logan’s Roadhouse

9105 West Stockton Blvd

Elk Grove, CA

Club Roster with Phone Numbers & Email Addresses
was Emailed to Each Member
Name Spouse
Andy Anderson
Tom Anderson Ashley
Taka Blackburn Valerie
Bob Brewer Cheryl
Charles Brummer
Brad Dano Teresa
Anthony Dapelo
Jack Edwards Tracey
Randy Feist Barbara
Bill Heston Jr
Bob Husted Charlene
Charlene Husted Bob
Lynden King
Bill Kirkland Jr Dusty
Harjeet Kumar Vanita
Vanita Kumari Harjeet
Kirk Marchetti Robin
Sharon Mika
Name Spouse
John Muegge Rebecca
Rebecca Muegge John
Marv Neill Annajean
Agustin Palacios
Dan Pearsen Shelli
Shelli Pearsen Dan
Stan Pochop Jr.
Dan Quiggle
Teresa Rodriguez
Jerry Salamy
Bob Shipley Leann
Jason Springer Raelynn
Jeylon Strong
Jim Switzgable Debbie
Don Thompson Sue
Bob Turner Alice
Warren Weaver Patricia
Dennis Weiss Diane
John Zehnder Jr. Linda
District Contact Info UpArrowPurple

 International President
Dr. Jung-Yul Choi

District Governor Cat Gon
“Believing in the Power of Service”

District Governor

Cat Gon
Embarcadero Lions

Email: dg@district4c5.org

1st Vice District Governor

Donna Prince
Higgins Diggins Lions

Email: 1vdg@district4c5.org

2nd Vice District Governor

Tim Luckinbill
Colfax Lions

Email: 2vdg@district4c5

Cabinet Secretary

Dave Evans
Lincoln Hills Lions


Cabinet Treasurer

Zenny Yagen
Maharlika Lions

Email: ct@district4c5.org

Sacramento Region Chair

Cecille Presley

Email: SacramentoRegion@district4c5.org

Sutter Zone Chair

Eddie Aducayen

Email: SutterZone@district4c5.org

District Pride Editor

Kitty Kramer

Email: editor@district4c5.org

District Webmaster

Jack Edwards